Richard Wyatt-Haines



Richard has a background in consulting and financial services where strategy, customer focus, change implementation and leadership are the core focus of Richard's work. He has developed and implemented strategies with many companies, including LloydsTSB Bank plc, P&G, GSK, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Financial Services Authority, Institute of Directors, Standard Life Bank, The Defence Academy, GMAC RFC, BNP Paribas and Walt Disney.

Most recently he has been working on the merger and turnaround of an insurance company in the role of Sales & Marketing Director and a Main Board Director.  This involved him leading merger activities, building the strategy with the board, launching award winning new products and service introductions, and giving the organisation a real focus on consumers.

Richard is also the author of 'Align IT: Business Impact Through IT'.  The book is about aligning your business function with the goals and strategies of your organisation.

Richard is an experienced conference chairman, speaker, or facilitator for boards and senior teams.

Not all events need a big celebrity but they do need someone who can set the scene, pull the key concepts together, challenge the speakers, and maintain the interest and pace of the event.  Richard can do all those things because he has the experience as a speaker, a strategic mind and boundless energy.

Richard's business topics and themes include:

Push, pull, friction - Making sure you deliver your hopes and aspirations: Lessons learnt in building an innovative and consumer facing financial services company

Washing machines and hernias - There must be a better way of doing financial services.  What are the lessons from the world that consumers inhabit?
An industry in decline? -  A fast paced gallop through many of the challenges that financial services firms face from a changing competitive and consumer environment.  Uncomfortable for some, refreshing insights and challenges for those ready and willing to rise to the challenge of substantially changing the performance of their companies (and the sector)

Delivering peak performance - Impact, delivery, and success from your people and your company
Managing the Nintendo Generation - Managing and retaining your graduate entrants

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