Mark Wood



Mark Wood is an established polar explorer who, in January 2012, became one of only eight people in history to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole, an incredible feat testing him to the very edge of physical and mental endurance. 
Mark has raced dog teams in Alaska, completed a solo expedition to both the North and South poles in 2011/2012 and during the past ten years has covered thousands of miles of Polar Ice. Mark also works in the Himalayas, leading mountain expeditions.
As a corporate speaker Mark compares extreme leadership to business leadership to what its like to operate as a modern day explorer. He shares his knowledge and experiences when he talka about 'Preparation for working in hostile and dangerous areas' and engages his audiences as he describes his back-to-back solo treks in some of the most unimaginable environments in Antarctica and the Arctic ocean . 
Mark also is a popular speaker in schools and makes Geography and History to come to life as he describes his adventures. Mark's talks are very flexible and can be tailored to suit Key Stages and the Curriculum.
Mark utilises Skype and Ipadio to share his knowledge from the very far reaches of the planet direct to the classroom. His current projects include 'My Life in a Freezer' and 'The Global Schools Program'.
Mark's inspiring and motivational adventures illustrate how he has maximised his own human potential and how, through an understanding of expedition leadership and team building, he has gained the best from others under pressure.

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