Inma Martinez



A pioneer in the mobile industry since the 2000s, Inma is a Product Maverick - a creator of Vision, Core Features and Go-To-Market strategy for a range of digital products.  Switching careers from banking (Goldman Sachs) to telecoms in 1998, she re-trained as an IP networks engineer while at Cable & Wireless and was part of the core development of WAP and mobile data as well as the early e-commerce and FinTech platforms.
Inma has co-founded and led startups since 1999 as a tech entrepreneur, and in the interim periods has advised major multinationals (Nokia Oy, Benefon Oy, LG, Palm, HP, EPSON Business Council, IBM Smart Planet) internationally on digitalisation and creation of multi-channel cross-platform digital products. In 2010 she was invited by the UK Trade & Investment to become a spokesperson for their Business Catalyst programme in matters of digital economy, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer. 
She is an advisor on digitalisation to both government institutions (the European Union Technology Commission, and in the board of Sport England‘s Innovation Fund, the British government funding arm for sport, media and culture). and private sector in media, music, film & TV and fashion retail / luxury brands worldwide.
Fortune and TIME have described her as one of Europe‘s top talents in social engagement through technology, Red Herring ranked her among the top 40 women in technology, and FastCompany labelled her a "firestarter".
Organisations Inma has addressed include:  UK Trade and Investment (in Zagreb, Madrid and Shanghai), Deloitte, IBM, the BBC, Google, Epson, Businessweek and the European Union.  She has spoken at premier industry events such as the GSM congress (Cannes), TechCrunch (Berlin), GigaOM (San Francisco), Mobile 2.0 (Barcelona), Le Web (Paris), Festival of Media (Rome).
Inma has also been interviewed as a technology expert by CNN, CNBC, Sky and Channel 4.
The topics she speaks on include:
¢ Digital Media and the Future of Technology 
¢ The Rise of Social Media -What Does It Mean For Your Business?
¢ Mobile and Web Technologies
¢ Innovation
¢ Telecommunications 
¢ Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
¢ Diversity Women in the Digital World 

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