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Dr Beau Lotto is a neuroscientist and creativity expert who shows audiences that perception is a key component to innovation and creativity. His talks are much in demand by businesses, educators and the arts communities.

His three main stage Ted Talks have over nine million views and he is author of three books, the most recent of which is “Deviate: The science of seeing things differently”

As a speaker, Dr Beau is ideal for companies looking at growing, mining new ideas and fostering innovation. He uses his knowledge of neuroscience to explain how companies can better understand how to optimise an innovative environment.
As a professor with deep academic credentials and critical scholarly works on the subject, Beau is also founder and CEO of two companies –Lab of Misfits, the world’s first neuro-design studio, and Ripple, which holds several highly influential patents in Augmented Reality (AR). 
Beau has spoken around the world, delivering totally unique, visually stunning, interactive, and fun presentations that help people act differently in the face of change. His message is an ideal conference kick-off –providing powerful, positive, creative context that sets a tone for the content and collaboration that follow. 
"Perception underpins every single thing we think we believe we know. Everything begins with perception.  Creativity begins with perception. Understanding how and why we perceive is to understand how we create" states Lotto.
Beau has also spoken at the G8, Google’s Zeitgeist, Wired, World Economic Forum, Cannes Lions Creativity Festival, Burning Man, and the Oslo Freedom Forum, among many others. He has contributed to television, radio and podcast programs by the BBC, National Geographic, HBO, Wharton on Business Radio, and PBS.
He is a frequent keynote speaker at major corporations including J&J, Warner Music, Universal, Viacom,Sainsburys, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and the UAE’s Crown Court, where he speaks about the fundamental barriers to thriving in uncertainty and how to overcome them.
In a time of uncertainty within our industry, (Beau) provided us with fascinating information on how our brain resolves uncertainty past information and context.  I hope that our leaders now recognize that perception is unique to each of us as individuals, and strive to perceive things differently to encourage creativity and adaption necessary for us to grow   Fortune 100 CEO

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