Clockwise from top left - Vicky Pryce, Lord William Hague, Joshua Rozenberg and Roger Bootle

Six months may have passed since the historic European referendum, but it is only now that the legislation has been passed, and Theresa May can finally trigger Article 50 and start the process of the UK's departure from the EU.

Unsurpisingly, there is increasing interest in people who can talk about the various potental impacts of Brexit, be it legal, economic and trade. Whether you were a remainer or die hard brexiteer, it's going to affect us all!

From an economic perspective, Roger Bootle is a long term critic of the EU with his book The Trouble with Europe essential reading for many. Lord Lamont of course oversaw the UK leaving the ERM originally and was a prominant Leave supporter. From a legal standpoint, Clive Coleman and Joshua Rozenberg can both reflect on the legal implications, while from the Remain camp Alistair Darling, Lord (William) Hague and Vicky Pryce can all reflect on the realities of the negotiating process.