Interviewers - Gently grilling the CEO!

Clockwise from top left - Tanya Beckett, Stephen Sackur, Simon Jack and Nik Gowing

We are often asked to supply people to interview CEO`s and Chairmen at events. This can either be an informal fireside chat, or a more formal on stage affair. Whatever the format, here are some of our favourites.

BBC HardTalk presenter, Stephen Sackur is a popular choice with the worldwide audience of his programme ensuring recognition in both the UK and abroad. In the financial sphere Tanya Beckett, Simon Jack and Declan Curry certainly cut the mustard with their financial jounalism backgrounds.

On the international scene Nik Gowing is one of the most respected hosts around, and has even shared the stage with Bill Clinton, while lesser known names can be equally forensic! Jeff Grout's book "What Leaders Really Do?" saw him interview a number of business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Sir Martin Sorrell and Ron Dennis and he is no stranger to the live set piece interview.

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